Blog #4: The "Good" Student

A “good” student is someone who does whatever is expected and asked of them. This student will always listen to the teacher and never speak without being asked first. They will listen in class quietly, sit still, do their assignments when instructed, follow routines, respect everyone, and finish their homework. A good student also alwaysContinue reading “Blog #4: The "Good" Student”

Blog #3: Critical Summary

In Nina Asher’s and Margarat Smith Crocco’s article Engendering Multicultural Identities and Representations in Education, they discuss the importance of integrating non-Western women and societies into the academic curriculum by demonstrating a cross-cultural competency through a cultural relativism versus ethnocentrism perspective. Essentially, the crux of this articles argument is established by Asher and Crocco’s insightContinue reading “Blog #3: Critical Summary”

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